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Pipeline Risk Assessment

Better understand the relative risk of piping materials so you can strategically plan mitigation activities

Many asset-based standard risk modeling approaches (such as Index Models and empirical leak forecast modeling) provide relatively little value in assessing the risk in these assets because of the limited availability of historical field failures.

JANA’s approach to Pipeline Risk Assessment, using our J-DIMP™ and J-TIMP™ mechanistic-probabilistic risk models, is based on our database of performance characterization of piping. When tuned to collective historical industry field failure data, the J-DIMP™ and J-TIMP™ risk models can provide realistic performance forecasts and risk assessments for utilities that have experienced a limited leak history in their piping assets. 

Data provided by utilities is integrated with that contained in JANA’s Pipe Performance Database to produce an overall reliability analysis and pipeline risk assessment. Specific outputs of the assessment include:

  • Projections of life expectancy (mean time to functional failure) for each material type in the distribution or transmission network, based on a reliability analysis of the assets and possible reliability targets for the assets, including a relative risk ranking of the various material types.

  • Leak projection models, based on the J-DIMP™ and J-TIMP™ Mechanistic-Probabilistic Risk Models, providing leak rate forecasts for the assets in the network through the medium-term time horizon (25 years from now).

pipeline risk assessment chart​JANA’s Pipeline Risk Assessment allows utilities and their stakeholders to better understand the performance characteristics and relative risk of the piping materials in its systems. This understanding provides the ability to better assess the need for and timing of mitigation activities for risks associated with these assets, including additional monitoring or leak surveying, sampling and performance testing, and preventative replacement, enabling optimal management of the risks to the utility and its stakeholders.

Get in touch to learn more about how our pipeline risk assessment can help you plan your mitigation activities more strategically.

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Mechanistic Probabilistic Modeling

You can call it MP Modeling. We call it the better approach to modeling risk for your pipeline integrity.

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