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Leak Survey Optimizer

JANA has developed a consistent network-wide risk modeling approach for incorporation into Leak Survey Programs for gas distribution mains and services 

The JANA Leak Survey Optimizer (J-LSO) provides segment-specific risk forecasts for distribution assets, enabling the development of segment-by-segment estimates of the risk benefit of conducting leak surveys at particular frequencies. The J-LSO enables the application of consistent company-wide risk criteria to Leak Survey Programs and allows incorporation of a risk-based prioritization of Leak Survey Programs within an existing framework.

An optimized Leak Survey Program helps gas utilities achieve the lowest level of risk possible given its available level of leak survey resources. This will permit a more cost-effective deployment of Leak Survey Program resources compared to the current survey program, allowing risk exposure reductions and/or efficiencies in this important risk management activity. JANA’s Leak Survey Optimizer provides gas distribution utilities with recommendations to improve the efficiency of asset tracking and data collection practices related to its Leak Survey Program. It also provides details of a method, implemented as a Microsoft Excel®-based tool, that will allow for the initiation of a risk-based Leak Survey Program. In addition to providing an optimized leak survey interval for distribution assets, the J-LSO provides a forward projection of the number of leaks that will occur on the assets over the time horizon of the leak survey optimization analysis. 

Talk to us about how we can help optimize your Leak Survey Program with our J-LSO.

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Mechanistic Probabilistic Modeling

You can call it MP Modeling. We call it the better approach to modeling risk for your pipeline integrity.

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Gas Transmission

  • Intelligent and scalable risk management
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Gas Distribution

  • Ensure continuity of service through prevention
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