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Integrity Management Software from JANA

CIM (Copperleaf Integrity Management) is a fully integrated software solution designed to address DIMP and TIMP requirements. It is a multi-year, multi-user, browser-based solution that combines Copperleaf’s Asset Management platform with JANA’s J-DIMP™ and J-TIMP™ quantitative risk models to empower organizations to create comprehensive, defensible, and prioritized asset replacement plans that ensure the organization is not exposed to unacceptable levels of risk.

The CIM solution provides accurate, optimized risk forecasts based on discrete estimates for probability of failure (PoF) and a common basis for consequences of failure (CoF) that enables assessment of overall system risk and relative risk rankings within and across asset families. The models are implementable based on current data availability in a software platform that integrates with utility data sources to enable up-to-date risk assessments and optimization of replacement prioritization and risk mitigation expenditures.


Attributes & Capabilities 

Discover how CIM facilitates your DIMP or TIMP plan by empowering your team with capabilities grounded in real data about your pipeline:

  • Effective Relative Risk Management: 
    • Integration of data from a variety of sources in order to identify threats and assess and rank risks based on those threats
    • Embedded, state-of-the-art J-DIMPTM and J-TIMP™ risk models that support risk-informed, evidence-based replacement optimization, investment decision trade-offs, liability reduction and performance enhancement
    • Automated modeling of the overall asset risk profile today and how that is predicted to change over time
  • Creation & Implementation of an Optimal Investment Strategy:
    • Identification of candidate investments based on the ranked relative risks of the asset base and analysis of the impact of different funding strategies and timing on the asset risk
  • Continuous Improvement: 
    • Identification and measurement of variances between actual performance and plan, and the adaptation of J-DIMP™ and J-TIMP™ risk models and adjustments to the forward-looking plan to achieve optimal results


The CIM solution provides insights that are based on real data and statistical risk modeling to facilitate asset investment strategies, performance improvements, and demonstration of pipeline integrity. These benefits provide a clear competitive advantage to those using the CIM software:

  • State of the Art Risk Models (Mechanistic – Probabilistic)
  • Integration with all available data (24/7 Risk Assessments)
  • Continuous Improvement: Process for Annual Refinement and Enhancement of Risk Models and Projections
  • Automated DIMP-compliant Reporting
  • Platform for Future Growth (changes in corporate or regulatory requirements are easily addressed and embedded in software)

About JANA and Copperleaf

CIM is the result of a partnership between JANA and Copperleaf. Copperleaf has been working at the forefront of asset management best practices and advocating the need for risk-based decision methodologies for more than 20 years. It was a logical fit to combine these efforts with JANA’s 20 years of experience in risk modeling, performance validation, and integrity management consulting services create the CIM solution for gas distribution.

Let’s talk about how CIM can limit your risk and improve your performance.

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Mechanistic Probabilistic Modeling

You can call it MP Modeling. We call it the better approach to modeling risk for your pipeline integrity.

See What It’s All About

Gas Transmission

  • Intelligent and scalable risk management
  • Exceed regulations with best-in-class compliance
  • Prioritize tasks in your asset management
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Gas Distribution

  • Ensure continuity of service through prevention
  • Achieve optimal compliance more efficiently
  • Resolve issues and meet strategic goals
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